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The 16th edition of Tastes of Europe (ToE) is back!

Since the first edition, ToE embodies the European Culture for Food & Beverage in the Klang Valley and connects it with the business world.

This year, the EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EUMCCI) has decided to take this very special European food festival to a whole new level by participating in the Worldchefs Congress & Expo 2018 in July 2018 ( This is a bi-annual global event where chefs from over 100 countries and world class exhibitors from the culinary world (local and international) come together as a community to showcase gastronomic excellence. These programs have been organized in over 20 countries (e.g. Chile, Arab Emirates, New Zealand, etc) for the past 90 years.

Malaysia has secured the event bid in the 2014 Worldchefs Congress held at Stavanger, Norway after successfully meeting the stringent requirements and presenting the very best in culinary diversity available in Malaysia. Hence the Worldchefs Congress & Expo 2018 will be held in Malaysia this year, expecting 6000 visitors, 200 exhibiting companies, 20 speakers, and 4000 chefs from 105 countries.

EUMCCI will have an EU pavilion in this congress to accommodate 12 exhibitors to showcase their products. Find more details about the exhibiting packages at TOE2018-Presentation or visit