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Chairman's Statement - G8 Foreign Ministers' Meeting (Trieste, 26 June 2009)



Chairman's Statement - G8 Foreign Ministers' Meeting (Trieste, 26 June 2009)

A growing variety of factors, both global and regional in nature, challenge the stability of the world. International security cannot be ensured without tackling also phenomena such as terrorism, organized crime, fragile institutions and many sorts of illegal trafficking which spill their effects over national borders. Devising effective responses is made more complicated by the inter-relations among those phenomena and their frequent link with dire human conditions.
The current economic situation, food crisis, lack of energy security and climate change have further proven that the world is more interconnected than ever.  For example, last year’s global food crisis plunged 100 million more people into extreme poverty and generated political instability in several countries.  We can decrease the risk of social destabilization due to food insecurity through long-term partnerships with developing countries that stimulate rural development and economic growth.  The global financial crisis increases the vulnerability of the world’s poor, and along with the other factors above, has the potential to magnify political tensions and foster social unrest. 
The situation demands a comprehensive, coordinated and sustained commitment to mobilizing financial and diplomatic instruments that focus on our common interest in ensuring peace, resolving conflicts and creating conditions for sustainable development. We, the G8 Foreign Ministers, recognize our responsibility to stand together as one in countering old and new threats to peace and security and stress our commitment to transforming those challenges in opportunities for fostering effective international cooperation.