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Italian Ministry of Culture and Heritage
Italy and Culture, Italy is Culture

1. The signing of the  Cultural Agreement  between  Malaysia and Italy on 17 February 1990 constitutes the first impulse towards the intensification of cultural relations between the two Countries. The main follow-ups were the reactivation of the Cultural Institute in Kuala Lumpur (“frozen” in 1994), which re-enforced major continuity to our efforts in this sector, and the signing of the programme related to the Agreement of 1990.  

2. Types of cultural and university cooperation:  

a)  Visiting lecturers: since the academic year 2000-2001 -beginning with the Bachelor programme in Italian Language by the Faculty of Language and Linguistics of University Malaya- the Italian Government provided University Malaya with 2 visiting lecturers. At the present only one lecturer is appointed for the academic year 2007-2008.      

b)  Interuniversity cooperation: 
        I)   Memorandum of Understanding between University La Sapienza of Rome and University Teknologi MARA located in Shah Alam 
        II)   Memorandum of Understanding between University La Sapienza of Rome and the Asia-Europe Institute of University Malaya 
        III)   Research cooperation between professors of University Malaya and University of Florence (Entomology and Biology) and University of Siena (Molecular Medicine) 
        IV)  Programme of exchange between the Faculty of Built Environment of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in Johor Baru and the Faculty of Architecture of University of Bologna 
        V)   Cooperation between the Faculty of Language and Linguistics of University Malaya and the University of Venice (Linguistics and Didactics of Italian).     

c)  In 1999 the programme of scholarships –50 month grants- offered by the Italian Government to Malaysian citizens for the amount of Euros 30.987 began. Between 1999 and 2007 the following scholarships were awarded:   

            2009 -2010       9 scholarships
            2008 -2009      13 scholarships
            2007-2008       15 scholarships
            2006-2007       21 scholarships (90 months)         
            2005-2006       28 scholarships 
            2003-2004       15 scholarships 
            2002-2003      12 scholarships 
            2001-2002        8 scholarships 
            2000-2001      20 scholarships 
            1999-2000      22 scholarships