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POLITO Admission procedures 2014 - 2015.pdf




The Politecnico di Torino was founded in 1859 as Scuola di Applicazione per gli Ingegneri (Technical School for Engineers), and it became Regio Politecnico di Torino in 1906. A long history, which bore out theUniversity as a reference point for education and research in Italy and in Europe, a Research University ofinternational level which attracts students from more than 100 countries and which activates about 800collaborations per year with industries, public institutions and local organizations.

For more than 150 years, the Politecnico di Torino has been one of the most prestigious public institutions at both the International and the Italian levels concerning education, research, technological

transfer and services in all sectors of architecture and engineering.



The complete course catalogue is available at Herewith a list of Bachelor and Master of Science programs entirely offered in English:

Bachelor of Science (Laurea, 3 years-180 credits)

- Automotive Engineering

- Computer Engineering

- Electronic Engineering

- Mechanical Engineering

- Telecommunication Engineering

- Architecture

Moreover, the first year of all the other engineering programs is also offered in English.

Students wishing to enrol in an Engineering Bachelor Degree program must pass an admission test whose contents are explained on the following webpage:

After filling in the online application APPLY@POLITO (see next paragraph), the applicant will be able to visualize useful materials to train for the test (training samples, tutorials and so on).

Degree programs in Architecture have a selective entry access defined by national standards.

The selective admission test will focus on general knowledge, with particular relevance to the historical, social and institutional fields and capacity to work on written texts of various kinds (artistic, literary, historical, sociological, philosophical, etc.) and attitude to abstract-logical reasoning both in mathematics and language fields.

European and Non European citizens must sit for the Architettura-Architecture and Design e comunicazione visiva admission test on April 10th, 2014 (as defined by the Italian Ministry of Education at this link:

In order to enrol in Architecture programs in the past year, students must both be included in the number of available places set every year by Politecnico for European and non-European students residing outside of Italy, and achieve a minimum score during the admission test.

Master of Science (Laurea magistrale, 2 years -120 credits)

- Automotive Engineering

- Computer and Communication Networks Engineering (Ingegneria Telematica)

- Computer Engineering (only Embedded systems curriculum)

- Electronic Engineering

- Industrial Engineering and Management