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Workshop on the theme "Heritage Preservation and Economic Development": Full report



Workshop on the theme

Think City, an important organization of Kuala Lumpur committed, among other things to the protection of the historical and architectural heritage of the city, has published the results of a workshop organized last year on the theme "Heritage Preservation and Economic Development", dedicated to projects of urban revitalization and “smart mobility” of the Kuala Lumpur Cultural District, carried out by groups of students.

The workshop was organized by Think City, the Italian company SCE Project and the "Venice Architectural Association" in collaboration with the University of Venice (IUAV, Faculty of Architecture) and with the support of various institutions and bodies, including the Embassy of Italy in Kuala Lumpur and the Italy Malaysia Business Association.

This is the first Italian contribution to the protection of the historical, architectural, artistic and cultural heritage of Malaysia, and we hope that this collaboration between our two countries may grow also in this sector, for the mutual benefit of our peoples and in the shared belief that the preservation of cultural heritage constitutes an essential contribution to inclusive and sustainable development.

Click here for the full report.