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2nd June 2020 - Republic Day



2nd June 2020 - Republic Day

Dear friends,

tomorrow, 2nd June, is the 74th anniversary of the birth of the Italian Republic, the result of the institutional referendum of 1946, which laid the foundations for the affirmation of freedom and democracy in our country, later consolidated in the Constitution, which came into being in 1948.

This year, the celebration of this anniversary, of our National Day, will be different from usual.

The memory of the victims of the COVID-19 pandemic, in Italy, in Malaysia and in the rest of the world and the necessity for us to contribute to the containment of the infection, by respecting the needs of safety and social distancing applied in Italy as well as in Malaysia, preclude us from holding the usual reception, which in recent years, thanks to the participation of the Malaysian authorities, of the increasing number of Malaysian friends of Italy, and of the Italians living in Malaysia, has become a vivid representation of the excellent status of the relations between our two countries.

Because of the epidemic, Italy - like almost all the other countries in the world - has gone through and is still going through difficult times, which continue to impose big sacrifices on our people. Fortunately, for some weeks now, epidemiological data have been more encouraging, confirming that those sacrifices have been giving results and can now allow the easing of many of the numerous restrictions imposed, while at the same time making it necessary for us to persevere in the strict compliance to the crucial safety measures put in place for our protection and that of our families.

Italy and Malaysia are bonded by solid and longstanding ties of friendship, mutual trust and fruitful cooperation. Two countries which share several characteristics: two peninsulas, meeting point of different cultures and peoples, placed in a geopolitical context with comparable features, both committed to deal with global challenges, not only individually but also through their staunch support of regional integration processes, respectively the European Union and ASEAN, of a rules-based international order with the UN at its core, of multilateralism and of free and open trade.

More and more, in Malaysia Italy is not only known and appreciated for its art, culture, food, fashion and the traditional “made in Italy”, but for its innovation capabilities and its excellence in the high technology sectors (aerospace, renewable energy, electronics and information technology, and so on) as well as for the high standard of its scientific and medical research. For Italy, Malaysia is more and more an essential partner as well as a favourite gateway to ASEAN and the Indo-Pacific Region.

In this context, Italy, while expressing once more its sincere gratitude for the very fruitful collaboration ensured by the Malaysian authorities for the recent successful repatriation of Italian citizens, is very proud of the collaboration and sharing of information and best practices recently opened with Malaysia and the other ASEAN countries in the fight against COVID-19, a difficult fight that we can win only with the cooperation of everybody. Health is a “global commodity” necessary for the wellbeing, the security, the economic and social stability and prosperity of all our communities worldwide.

To stress the importance of this anniversary, the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella will host on June 1st, behind closed doors, at the Quirinale Palace, a concert and will deliver his address. The concert and the address will be broadcast live in streaming on the website

I would like also to share with you two symbolic gifts of Italy to all its friends in Malaysia. First, the Italian National Anthem, performed by the renowned Accademia Chigiana, one of the oldest and most prestigious Italian musical institutions, that you can download at the following address: Second, an e-book, with an introduction of the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Luigi Di Maio, dedicated to that most iconic of Italian physical spaces and symbol of collective identity: “la piazza”, the square, with the wish that we will soon be able to fill them up again soon. Here are the two links from which to download the publication:
(as PDF) (in ePub format).

I am sure that Malaysia and the Malaysian people joins Italy and the Italians in an ideal embrace in this anniversary and share with us the wish to strengthen the already excellent ties between our two countries for the mutual benefit of our peoples. “Buona Festa della Repubblica”.

Thank you. Terima kasih. Grazie.


Cristiano Maggipinto

Ambassador of Italy