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Earthquakes of 20th and 29th May in Emilia Romagna - donations



Earthquakes of 20th and 29th May in Emilia Romagna - donations

Regional and local authorities of Modena, Ferrara and Bologna, together with some Italian private Institutions, opened bank accounts to raise funds for the people affected by the earthquake.
Please find below a preliminary list sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:


Regione Emilia Romagna
All payments must be accompanied by the reference:  “Contributo per il terremoto 2012 in Emilia Romagna”.

• Bank trasfer , Bank: Unicredit Banca Spa, Agenzia Bologna Indipendenza - Bologna, IBAN: IT – 42 - I - 02008 - 02450 – 000003010203, Swift Code (for International Transfers): UNCRITM1NU2


Provincia di Modena
Transfer to current count, addressed to "Provincia di Modena Interventi di solidarietà", IBAN: IT 52 M 02008 12930 000003398693, Swift Code (for International Transfers): UNCRITMM,  reference: "Terremoto maggio 2012”;


Provincia e Comune di Rimini
Bank trasfer to Cassa di Risparmio di Rimini, filiale di Corso d’Augusto 2,  addressed to: “Protezione Civile – Provincia di Rimini”, codice Iban IT 45 V06285 24202 CC0028006630,  Swift code (for International transfers): CRRNIT2R,  reference:“Terremoto Emilia”.


Comune di Ferrara
Bank transfer , Bank: Carife Spa, Ufficio Enti Pubblici, Via Cairoli 14,  IBAN: IT 26 K 06155 13015 000003204201,  Swift  code (for International transfers): CFERIT2F, reference: “Emergenza terremoto Ferrara”.

Comune di Finale Emilia
Transfer on the current account of the “Comune”, IBAN: IT82E06115 66750 000000 133314, Swift Code (for International Transfers): CRCEIT2C

Comune di Cavezzo
Transfer on the current account n. 32456, addressed to “Comune di Cavezzo – Protezione Civile”, IBAN: IT52 J05034 66720 000000032456, Swift Code (for International Transfers): BAPPIT21Q

Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena
Bank transfer addressed to: “Pro terremotati Emilia Romagna maggio 2012”, IBAN: IT 60 X 01030 14200 000008622257.

CNA – Associazione Provinciale di Modena
Transfer on the dedicated current account n. 2060000 opened with  Banca Popolare dell’Emilia Romagna, UBAN: IT34 Q05387 12900 000002060000, Swift Code (for International Transfers): BPMOIT22, reference: “Emergenza Imprese terremoto 2012”.